Laglasse France
Lieu-dit Sous l'Echangeur
57220  VARIZE - Moselle - France

Premium Stave

Origin of the product

Our staves are produced with oak (Quercus petraea. L. and Quercus robur. L.). Laglasse participates to the PEFC program. The staves are in open air dried for a period of 24 months. During this aging period, the oak will release its strongest tannins and moisture. With this long maturation process the oak will be ready lend its finest phenolic components and aromas to the wine.


  • Length: 100 ± 1cm
  • Width: 10 ± 0.5 cm
  • Thickness: 2.4 ± 0.5 cm
  • Drilling diameter: 2.5 ± 0.5 cm
  • Induction roasting
  • Surface area: 0.245 m²
  • Weight: about 1550g
Possible options:
  • Grooved base with 20% additional contact
  • Double heating: Induction roasting + brazier finishing

OEnologique objective

It offers a complex ageing process, a phenolic balance with a tannic structure combining power and finesse and brings a discreet roundness to the palate with a fruit that is always present from the beginning to the end of the palate.

With Double Heating Option:

She raises the great vintages in the spirit of barrel ageing.

 The slight temperature variations develop a noble aromatic complexity, while working on the structure of the wines, with great elegance and finesse. The fruit is enriched with aroma and volume on the finish.



  • For a rather long breeding (9 to 15 months)
  • Single use only
  • 0.5 to 1.2 staves per hectolitre.
  • A stave occupies the equivalent of about 2 litres of wine


Profil aromatique

See aromatic profiles joint in the booklet.

Regulation and conservation

  • Regulations in force concerning the use of "pieces of oak wood".


    Our staves are packaged in waterproof food grade aluminium to preserve the richness of their aromatic content. Keep contents tightly closed in a cool place..


One stick soaks in a volume of 3 liter. 25 % wood contact. The optimal result is obtained in a minimum of 20 days of soaking.


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