Laglasse France
Lieu-dit Sous l'Echangeur
57220  VARIZE - Moselle - France


Staves for Barrel

Laglasse is a company specialised in the manufacture of cask wood – merrain -(wood used to build the barrel ) at Varize. Follow the details of the 7 stages needeed  to get the ideal conditions to produce high quality  barrels.


High quality oaks

France contains the largest reserve of wood in Europe. Lorraine is one of France’s vast forest-coveredareas, with over 800 000 ha of forest and a wood coverage rate of over 34%.

The forest of Lorraine provide leading source of materials for Alain Laglasse.  He has always been able to use his talents to find the wood needed to manufacture perfect and highly sought-after cask wood.

Barrels must be perfectif they are to contains the most preciouse wines. This is why the manufacture of cask wood demands the highest standards, from the selection of the wood to final storage. High quality oak is used in manufacturing cask wood.

Rigorous men

Wood logs are converted into cask wood trough a 7-stage process :


We guarantee the quality of our Merrains

  • The origin of our oak

  • The grain selection , fine to mid fine

  • The homogeneity of color


Laglasse cask wood dimensions


 0.90 m

 0.95 m

 1.03 m

 1.05 m

 1.10 m

 1.15 m

 1.20 m


 22 mm

 24 mm

 42 mm







For more informations, please contact Laglasse France at Varize.

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