Laglasse France
Lieu-dit Sous l'Echangeur
57220  VARIZE - Moselle - France

Visit of the Varize site by the ONF


Visit and discovery of the Varize site by an ONF delegation on September 22, 2017

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of receiving a delegation from the ONF.

The sixty people present were able to make a complete visit of The Laglasse Company.

In the first part, Alain and Jérôme LAGLASSE presented the history of SARL Laglasse as well as the production of staves, from the selection of trees in the forest to their shipment to coopers for the manufacture of French barrels.

The second part of the visit was oriented on the woods for oenology. Our visitors have discovered how the staves, the wood cut, and the various heaters work, giving the wine different aromatic profiles.

The visit ended with the tasting of a glass of wine with the presentation of Bordeaux wines and foreign wines raised 100% on staves.

Thanks to the ONF for the interest shown during this visit and the pleasure of an upcoming meeting